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Bulls@#t Artists

Just be aware of

- As stated in my interview on my Instagram or website "EXTREME" hype.

- Who are proper performers and who are not. You can find proper performers anywhere in your local area.

- How they market themselves with the use of the internet (read the 6 things of what's really happening in social media).

- You may be inspired but there's inspiration everywhere which connects to the next points.

- You see T.V show Entourage character Vincent Chase lose his job and no longer acts. Then reality comes as he is not a proper performer and creator (this is just an analogy of the above).

- Bruce Lee said
A so-called "big star" doesn't necessarily mean a quality actor or actress. Indeed, the trouble is there exist too many people wanting to be stars rather than actors. That status symbol, a word that spells naiveness, that of liking to hear only what one wants to hear and actually believing that "hangers on" will be the "yes man" when that star becomes a worthless product; a non-salable commodity."

In other words, just be aware of how they market themselves and what happens to these kind of people after the T.V show ends.

- The people who work for the show are not experts in their field. 

- People who have watched these shows (pretty much everyone) are being exposed to "not art." 


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