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I Am

Verse 1


Why are we so scared to be what we want to be?

I just want to live and search what it is to know me

We live in a world with so much uncertainty

Everlasting strength to be what we want to be

Let’s get together and not at all be judgemental

Individuality makes you something special

Don't feel embarrassed awakes the true transcendental

Follow the brave ones, they are something monumental



I am I see my future

Stay true my self-honesty

We all be free to know me

Know-self to ruling me


I am to do what I love

Heroes will find my beauty

We’re born to endless choices

Go for your destiny


Verse 2

Always permission to be what you want to be

The human being is free not by from achieving (a straight A student)

Grow in the journey to be separate gladiator

You always have right to make or be a creator

Always know yourself to love what will make you happy

You always have right for your sexuality

Self-worth is locked in yourself always permanently

You're always enough to be and right to be worthy


​Chorus repeated


Chorus repeated

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