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That, That, That Unfair

1) Absolutely no recognition at all from my humble influence.

2) Getting no support at all from my work.
3) Made 2 discoveries within the last year which are reasons why the arts does not at all exist any more (stated below) and to help mankind.
4) People are discovering who they are and I have given so much information to people.
5) Made a breakthrough in artistry last year (here).

"The public hasn't caught up with you yet, perhaps they're not quite ready for this." - Haydn (actor Jack Shepherd) to Beethoven (actor Paul Rhys)


3 days later - September 16

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Rock n Roll - September 14 - (click here)

6 days later - September 20

rock n roll.png
rock n roll 2.png

Social Media icons 

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Funny faces - July 11 (click here)

Funny Faces 2.png

The next day - July 12 (click here)

Funny Faces.png

Beethoven - July 24, 2020 | June 18, 2021  

Beethoven 2.png
Beethoven 4.png
Beethoven 3.png

The below article plus another mentioning about his famous Ode to Joy (that's what the show talks about a lot) and 2 articles about Dolce Holland, a music teacher


Future - on the same day!!! September 17 (click here)


Future - September 17 (click here)

future 2.png

Hollywood - July 21


2 weeks later- August 4

Hollywood 2.png

Sensationalism - July 21

senationalism 3.png

September 3

senationalism 4.png

September 3

senationalism 2.png



6 days ago - 20/09/2021

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Asian (I Am)


Discovery #1 - October 25, 2020

discovery 1.png

Discovery #2 - June 4, 2021

discovery 2.png

However, this is just the beginning (obviously I cannot show you all of them). There are bucket loads more on social media (and not just the public posts).

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