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World Revolution - The end of Social Media #1

Verse 1 - What is Really Going On in Social Media - Is Your Privacy Really, Really Safe?


Code cracked #1 - Oct 25, 2020 - click here, link -
Just be aware of likes/followers/subscribers that people actually work for and ones that are not earned.

Code cracked #2 - June 4, 2021 - click here (but now things have changed but I have seen that it is still out there) Link -

Code cracked #3 - Feb 25, 2022 - Watch the below video from point 8:44.

Verse 2 - What is Really Going On in Social Media - Is Your Privacy Really, Really Safe?


Code cracked #4 - Not everyone is aware if an Instagram or Facebook account is a business or a personal account. Heaps of personal accounts display for the public
a) Gossip and

b) "Who is hanging out with who" photos.

These create excruciating a lot more attention and travels completely the opposite to of a business (such as finding out the latest updates of my bank).  
c) There are people who have a lot of friends on social media and others don't. Then it can be combined with the above.

Code cracked #5 - Arguably the most powerful along side cc#1............gossip! Yes gossip. You'll see on this world wide web, for the public

a) Pictures of couples - They're dating?
b) They're engaged? Gosh look at the size of that thing! (wedding ring)
c) They've got kids?
d) Wedding photos.

e) Looking up ex-partners. Who is he/she dating now?

f) When a person is following someone on Instagram, they can see what you have liked such as a pretty girl. Also, people can see your comments.
g) Figuring out a person's relationship status.
h) Relationship problems (yes this is hard to believe isn't it?).

Code cracked #6 - People get an ego. What this means is look who is following you on Instagram and Facebook and you will be bound to find fake accounts (or spam). Can a person remove them?

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