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World Revolution - The End of Social Media #1

Verse 1 - What is Really Going On in Social Media - Is Your Privacy Really, Really Safe?


Code cracked #1 - Oct 25, 2020. 





















Just be aware of likes/followers/subscribers that people actually work for and ones that are not earned. The most important thing is to read up about the person, an example their website and see what they have accomplished/success stories. You are seeing fake statues and this isn't fame. I actually applied for a verification logo and it wouldn't allow me because I don't have enough followers.

Also, some of these people actually have their own Wikipedia profile and the general public do not fully understand why people actually use social media.

Code cracked #2 - June 4, 2021 - Many businesses obtain their followers from who knows where (they're fake) with huge amounts of followers, again on their social media accounts there isn't any information about how their business runs (or there is no website of theirs).

Code cracked #3 - Feb 25, 2022 - The most important one, men are whack packing! All private and public/business accounts men are whack packing to girl’s pictures. Just be very, very careful girls. Men do not need to go to their local news agency and buy a Maxim or Swimsuit magazine.

Code cracked #4 - Adorable animals, the followers are off the roof.

Verse 2 - What is Really Going On in Social Media - Is Your Privacy Really, Really Safe?


Code cracked #5 - Not everyone is aware if an Instagram or Facebook account is a business or a personal account. Heaps of personal accounts display for the public
a) Gossip and

b) "Who is hanging out with who" photos.

These create excruciating a lot more attention and travels completely the opposite to of a business (such as finding out the latest updates of my bank).  

Code cracked #6 - Arguably the most powerful along side cc#1............gossip! Yes gossip. You'll see on this world wide web, for the public

a) Pictures of couples - They're dating?
b) They're engaged? Gosh look at the size of that thing! (wedding ring)
c) They've got kids?
d) Wedding photos.

e) Looking up ex-partners. Who is he/she dating now?

f) When a person is following someone on Instagram, they can see what you have liked such as a pretty girl. Also, people can see your comments.
g) Relationship problems (yes this is hard to believe isn't it?).

h) Gets more engagement than anything else.
i) I will not dare snoop around in other people's accounts.
j) I am far too scared when I get a person's phone number to ask for their last name.

k) Parents be aware of what your teenage kids are exposing themselves into.

Code cracked #7 - People get an ego. What this means is look who is following you on Instagram and Facebook and you will be bound to find fake accounts (or spam). Can a person remove them?

Save Our Planet Now!!!!!!!!


Also, be aware of fan and group pages which are continuously being created.

Sexual Predators

Your privacy

Thank you to the Herald Sun for
promoting not even real artists and using this pose to market themselves.


On ABC iview - Porn a Ruthless Business
Link -

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Herald Sun - Apr 24, 2024

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